The Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra & Chakra Therapy

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The fifth chakra, in Sanskrit Vishudda, is also known as communication center. It is situated in the middle of the throat and that is why it is named the Throat Chakra. Its Sanskrit meaning is translated as “cleansing”. This chakra radiates light-blue color. It is symbolized by a lotus flower of sixteen petals and on each petal there is a different Sanskrit vowel representing the Spirit. Inside the lotus there is the full moon, the triangle and the elephant. The throat chakra stimulates work of thyroid gland, parathyroid, pharynx and

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regulates functions of the lymphatic system. Potentials of all the lower chakras are expressed through this center, and through this chakra gathered content is passed on to the outside world. Through Vishudda, we reveal everything there is inside us, starting from laughter, joy, feelings of love, to fear, anger, desire, and all our internal life.
This chakra is associated with assertiveness, which is the ability set up our boundaries, to express ourselves on many levels, talking about our needs and desires. Except for speaking, the fifth chakra is also connected with hearing. Nowadays, we are losing the ability of hearing. We are spiritually “forced” to improve our external hearing to be able to hear our inner voice. The throat chakra motivates our actions in life mostly between the age of twenty eight and thirty five.

Harmonious functioning of the throat chakra
Open throat chakra gives us the ability of good communication with the environment; releases from blaming others for our failures; we stop hurting. We are creating our own lives, implement our dreams and fulfill our needs. If we get to the throat chakra through the heart, we become creative and gain a remarkable gift of speech. Expressing joy, our words become art, melody, have their own fragrance. We can be silent and listen to those around us with full understanding and compassion. We have our own view on reality and we do not give up our opinion easily.

Inharmonious functioning of the throat chakra
When the throat chakra vortexes are spinning too slowly, problems with assertiveness appear. People cannot talk about what they think, feel and want. External symptom is a tight neck, frequent sore throat, unclear voice, speaking too quietly or too loudly. Statements lack deeper meaning. Sometimes stuttering appears. We tend to hide our weaknesses carefully and simultaneously emphasizing our strengths. A person with inharmoniously functioning throat chakra may be trying to manipulate other people, some Chakra therapy here might be very useful

Hypofunctioning throat chakra leads to lack of good contact with our feelings. When we have to talk about ourselves, we experience tightness in the throat and voice can break down, fade, or be heard as forced. We may lack confidence in presence of people being afraid of their judgments. In life, we are guided by the opinions of others fearing expressing our own beliefs. If this chakra is not fully opened over a lifetime, people become mentally “stiff” and their cognitive abilities are limited.

Methods of therapy for the throat chakra:
– Reiki healing energy through reiki healers or self reiki
– contact with the nature: observing blue cloudless sky.
– the sound therapy: mantra HAM.
– the color therapy: light blue, baby blue.
– the gem stone therapy: turquoise, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, agate, sapphire, celestite.
– the aromatherapy: chamomile, myrrh, sage.
– Yoga: mantra-yoga.

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