Reiki Symbols

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When writing about the Reiki symbols, we have to mention how they appeared, which takes us back to the Reiki history. Sitting on the top of the sacred mountain, in the middle of the night of the 21st day of his meditation, Mikao Usui suddenly saw light approaching him, which then struck Dr. Usui.

The Light was the Higher conscious. The hit of the Light was so powerful that Dr. Usui lost conscious. Being out of the physical body, he saw flashes of light of rainbow ray colours which contained unknown symbols. While he was looking at the symbols, he was attuned and his higher conscious was aligned by the Light to the vibration of the sacred Reiki symbols.

With these symbols, Dr. Usui got connected to the Universal Life Energy and its wisdom. This is how the Usui Reiki system came to existence. It is believed that Dr. Usui received many more symbols than known nowadays. Many of them were lost and forgotten. What we have lift with knowledge of are the four symbols of Reiki.

By many Reiki healers the symbols are considered to be sacred and they oppose presenting them to the public. Traditionally, the symbols were kept secret and presented only during Reiki attunement during Reiki II level initiation. Nowadays, more and more practitioners introduce symbols to all as they believe that the symbols should not be kept hidden any more.

The Reiki healers believe that the world is speeding up, and Reiki and its symbols may help many people to go through the Earth transformations. Those who present Reiki symbols know that the symbols themselves have no power. One has to be attuned so that symbols dawn by him/her would have power.

Another reason to present the symbols is that, same as Reiki healing energy, the symbols cannot harm. And so, by introducing them to people we cannot make any harm to the Reiki system neither to people. The knowledge of Reiki symbols and their functions may only encourage those unfamiliar with Reiki to get familiar with the system and learn more about its positive and loving power.

Reiki symbols are introduced to the students during the Reiki II level course. On that level, students learn the function of each symbol. They learn how to draw each symbol; they practice drawing and applying it on themselves and other participants. With the II level Reiki initiation, there are three symbols passed to the students and imprinted to their auras. These symbols become each Reiki Healer’s powerful tool in daily practice and a key to the realms beyond time and space.

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