Reiki Healing Music

Reiki Healing Music

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Music is one of the essential elements in Reiki treatment. Even though some Reiki healers prefer to do the session in silence, most is convinced that Reiki Music is very important part of the healing process and they can’t do the therapy without it. Music is considered a main factor in Reiki treatment and it is necessary during the session to get better healing results.

Reiki Music is a wave of energetic vibrations that, if used properly, lifts up the vibrations of the listener-receiver. Reiki music keeps receiver in the state of entire relaxation and peace that allows healing energy to flow through and release the blockages. It helps both body and soul in the way to reach specific hypnotizing status or a level of Trans, which make the healers work easier. That is why it is believed to support healing process.

Music however is important not only for the receiver. It helps the healer to tune up to higher energetic, meditative-like state. Its’ soft sound calms the mind, quiets down thoughts, and helps Reiki healer to remain in the state of relaxed awareness. Reiki Music is supporting that connection between Healer and receiver, easier for healer to focus. Also allowing the transmission of the information about the energetic state of receiver’s body

For Reiki therapy smoothing, relaxing music is used. Soundtracks are composed with the nature background. Sounds of birds, waterfalls, water waves, trees etc are used with most of the Reiki soundtracks. Reiki music must be soft no sudden change in volumes or high beams as Some practitioners prefer music composed especially for Reiki therapy, whilst others choose music intuitively one that feels perfect for them.

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