What is Reiki?

What is Reiki

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The word Reiki is originally from the Japanese language, it is actually two words “Re” means universal and “key” is the life energy which flow through the living creatures. All together give a combination “universal Life energy”.

This is a method or technique of healing based on balancing the energy of the body. It is not only for humans. The modern researches prove that Reiki can also be successfully used in healing plants and animals.

The main concept of Reiki is that the less life energy in the body the more that body becomes weak, stressed and getting sick so easily. When the reiki Healing energy flowing through your body it clear stress, relaxing you in both mental and spiritual ways and heal your soul before your body.

The Reiki Healers will transmit the flowing of the energy to the client through his hands by placing the hand in specific positions on the body either with a gentle touch or softly tapping with the finger tips. That could be with directly touching or placing the hand slightly high above the sick part.

The reiki – the universal life energy – used in the healing process does not come from the healer’s energy. In fact, the healer is just a “channel” that allows the flow of the universal energy to the receivers’ body. It can be used for self healing as well for healing the others.

Reiki is not only for healing the sick, it is an efficient meditation for self balancing, soul and body purification.

This energy you can simply feel as a warm radiation that is easy to identify once it touches your skin or passes through your body.

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