Plants Reiki & Reiki Healers

Plants Reiki & Reiki Healers

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We know that plants are living organisms and they react actively to what they get from the environment. Perhaps you have read some articles about how plants react to live music, touch, and the environment in which they are staying. Patting plants, talking to them, leaving them surrounded by the soft relaxing music speeds up their growth. We can say that the more gently we treat them, the better respond-crops we get. The influence of our loving attitude towards plants was researched by many scientists and it was proved that plants respond to both positive and negative energy.

Plants are part of ecosystem in which we live and where they live with us. Because, just as we are, plants are the recipients and respond to energy, Reiki Healers send Universal Life Energy to the places where they grow and live. What does it help? Whoever has the garden will be able to experience what happens when plants Reiki is used

The Reiki healing energy helps to fight pests and diseases; it immunizes our plants. It is recommended to keep the seeds in the Reiki energy bath in your palms before sowing; this process enhances their potential energy, immunizes them to adverse climatic conditions and associated diseases. As for the sprouts, we can place our hands over them. Before the plants will be planted into the ground it is good to send Reiki to the Mother Earth, to the place where we intend to plant. It depends on our will and desire how often we will empower the garden. If we treat our garden with Reiki regularly, the garden will reward us with strong and healthy plants. It is the same with shrubs and trees. It is good to provide Reiki to young trees which we just plan ball plant; the same applies to fruit and ornamental shrubs.

To have beautiful potted plants at home, it is good to send the Reiki energy directly to stems and flowers. Being a Reiki healer, i can use Reiki Symbols “Sei He Ki” and then strengthen the energy flow with “Cho Ku Rei” We will not have to wait long for the effects. Plants will respond with their beauty for love and will spread love with their positive energy.
We can also send Reiki to the trees which will respond with multiplied positive energy improving our health and development. We can sit under a tree and connect to it using the opportunities offered by the second degree. Then let us stay in the same place for some time concentrating on the energy flow we are experiencing.

And so, I encourage you to use Reiki energy healing for our Mother Earth and her creations. We hope that after contacting the elemental spirits of different plants, animals and places, we will be able to serve our Mother Earth with balanced environmental growth…as she serves us.

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