Chakra or Chakras

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The word Chakra means a wheel or a drive. There are seven basic chakras distinguished in the human body. Each chakra is located in different place of the body, has different color and function. The number of minor chakras in the human body is estimated for few hundreds. In addition, over the head area there are at least five additional, trans-personal chakras. Bodies’ subtle energy fields are anchored by the chakras.

The major chakras are linked together by the three energy channels running through the entire body of a human being:

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The central Reiki energy channel, the evolution channel named Sushumna, Aoma or Avadhuti,

The right Reiki energy channel, the energy corresponding to the male energy, the solar channel named Ieda, Lalana, kyangma or Dea-Wel,

The left Reiki energy channel, the energy corresponding to the female energy, lunar channel named Pigale, Rama or Negai Ama.

The central channel is the most important energy channel. It runs through the spinal cord of the physical body. It combines all the chakras and allows the energy flow between them. Ida and Pigale are two channels running on either side of the central channel and kind of spin around it. The channels take their beginning at the first chakra, at the base of the spine and their end is located at the Crown chakra, on the top of the head. The energy of the Earth runs from the Root Chakra to the Crown Chakra and from the Crown Chakra to the Root Chakra the Cosmic Energy passes.

Chakras are funnel shaped and their construction is blossom like, they look like the Lotus flowers. Their colors are associated with the colors of the light spectrum. The actual size of the chakras is comparable to the size of ping-pong balls. Chakras are spinning all the time once clock, once counter-clock wise. Men’s chakras dominant spinning is opposite to those of women’s. Seven Chakras are energy centers, gateways, antennas that receive and process all the energy entering the human energy field and they focus the stream of the Life Force energy. They symbolize the connection of the physical body with the bodies subtle and overlap with the hormonal system and endocrine glands.

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