The Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra & Chakra Therapy

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The third chakra, in Sanskrit known as MANIPURA, which means glittering jewel, is called the Solar Plexus Chakra. It is located in the region of the solar plexus in the hole between the ribs, below the breastbone. Its symbol is the lotus flower of ten petals, inside which there is a pointing down triangle with three symbols of the fire. It radiates yellow, golden color like the sun.
This chakra controls and energizes the work of the diaphragm, the liver, the spleen, the

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stomach, the adrenal glands, the kidneys, the testes, the pancreas, the colon, the lungs, the heart and other parts of the body. By energizing and controlling the functions of the liver, the solar plexus chakra affects the quality of the blood. It influences as well the mechanism of the body temperature regulation.
Through the solar plexus chakra flow the subtle energies from the lower and higher chakras. Through this chakra the whole body can be energized Therefore, it is believed that the solar plexus chakra is our Sun, the energetic center that nourishes and revitalizes the body.
Manipura rules our lives in the age between 14 to 21. The motivational energy of this chakra stimulates the development of the ego. For the average person, this chakra is the place where his or her personality is located.  It is the center in which we find out social identity, it supports our strength, our will of achieving, and our aspiration for power, and adaptation to social norms. Open solar plexus provides a good physical and emotional condition, as well as an emotional balance.
Through this chakra we recognize the vibrations of other people and respond to them accordingly.

Harmonious functioning of the Solar Plexus chakra:
The Solar Plexus chakra is our inner flame. If there is a lot of fire, we look at life with courage, we are not afraid of the risk or challenge, we accept changes and adapt to them easily. Harmonious working of this chakra guarantees emotional balance and relatively stable emotional well-being. We act without the fear of rejection and criticism. We can create our own unique identity without the need of the group approval. If Manipura is open it leads to sense of peace, inner harmony, the harmony with life and the social status. It also allows us to respect the feelings and individuality of others.

Disharmonious functioning of the solar plexus chakra:
The symptom of disharmonious functioning of the third chakra is excessive need of influence and control over the internal and external world. The desire to concur, control and to rule appears. The lack of self-esteem and peace is accompanied by dissatisfaction. The difficulties with achieving inner peace and self-control may appear. A person’s aim becomes pursuit towards wealth and recognition, which cannot give permanent satisfaction. A person may develop the needs of dominance and possessiveness and experience the feelings of jealousy, lack of emotional control, and provoking others to argue. When this chakra functions are disharmonized, people need constant change, they  desire the difficult experiences to test, compare, and raise their own self-esteem. These desires are often met in the environment of power, politics and business.

The symptom of hypo function of the Solar Plexus chakra is the lack of self-esteem. People are unable to take risks and do something new, they fear change; they are stuck in the old, familiar thought patterns and toxic relationships. The faded flame of the third chakra causes the fear of loneliness, which leads to involvement in the addictive relationship. A person feels that he or she cannot influence the course of things and everything is predetermined, and as a result the sense of hopelessness and giving up appears. One sees obstructions everywhere. The new experiences are afflicted by the fear, which leads to the negative thoughts of oneself (such as “I`m not strong enough for challenge“, “There`s no point trying, I`ll lose“, “I`m hopeless“ etc.) and consequential blockage of those experiences.

Recommended chakra therapy for the solar plexus chakra:

–         Reiki healing energy through reiki healers or self reiki
–         communing with the nature: walks in the sunshine
–         The sound therapy  mantra RAM
–         The color therapy-light therapy: yellow, gold
–         The gem stone therapy: tiger eye, citrine, amber, and others
–         Aromatherapy: bergamot, lavender, rosemary
–         Yoga: karma-yoga.

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