The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra & Chakra Therapy

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The fourth chakra is the Heart Chakra, in Sanskrit Anahata. This chakra is symbolized by lotus flower of twelve petals inside which there is a hexagram composed of two triangles. Anahata means “untouched” which relates to the coexistence of the body and the spirit. This chakra is the center between the lower chakras associated with the material existence and the upper chakras related to the spirituality. In this chakra the energetic threads connecting all the chakras converge; it is a place of balance.  The Heart Chakra radiates green, pink, and

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sometimes golden. It charges human body with energy and regulates harmonious work of the heart. It is related to thymus and through it regulates the immune system.  On the level of the heart chakra altruistic behaviors appear. Therefore, it is sometimes called the Christ’s chakra. This chakra is responsible for forgiving and compassion. Through the heart chakra we perceive the beauty of nature, harmony in music, art and poetry. This chakra is a “connector” to states of higher consciousness and understanding of existence. When Anahata is open and spins smoothly it becomes the center of true and unconditional love. When we love ourselves, we love others and the surrounding life.

This chakra influences our lives most intensively between the age of twenty one and twenty eighth. The heart chakra opens widely in this stage of life. In this period of life we fall in love, are in love, are loved, we accept and love as a whole. We feel the energy flow, and everything around us is beautiful, colorful, magic, and fulfilled with love. This stage teaches how we can live and coexist with the beloved person and other people.

Harmonious functioning of the Heart Chakra

An open and harmonious heart chakra is the joy of life that emanates around us and our reality. We become full a joy, trust in ourselves, the world, and the Universe. Our relations with the community are deprived of external and internal conflicts. We love for the sake of loving without expecting anything in return. We feel we are taken care of. We are entirely present while doing each activity. We understand and receive the divine bond, without which we cannot function properly on the Earth plan.

Disharmonious functioning of the Heart Chakra:

The heart chakra is the gateway to spirituality and true joy, but it is also a very sensitive place, which under the influence of “injuries” shields itself to protect us from further pain and suffering. that’s why heart chakra therapy must be conducted carefully. But life with a closed heart is like a “non-life.” We were created from love and when we close our hearts we close them to all their manifestations. Disharmony in this chakra causes the difficulty in expressing feelings. We may be embarrassed experiencing sensitivity and gentleness. We tend to convince ourselves that we do not need love and as a result we experience loneliness, lack of joy, depression. We do not open ourselves to receiving and giving.

Heart diseases are associated with feeling-emotional issues. The experienced burden on the heart is usually associated with issues from the past, a sense of injustice, resentment felt towards someone. Therefore it is important to open up the energy of forgiveness, as forgiveness can release and releases love.


In the case of hypofunctioning of the heart chakra we could compare human behaviors to those of a snail which comes in and goes out of his house, guided by the sense of security. When we try to open up to the world and to attempt people but we fail, we feel rejected and are deeply affected. When the attempt fails, the snail returns back to his house, sad and depressed. We would like to try again and go out, but the fear of another rejection causes an inability to find a proper way of living; this fear leads to the feeling of life decrepitude. We begin to play a role of a victim aggrieved by life.

Therapy for the Heart Chakra:

– Reiki healing energy through reiki healers or self reiki

– Contact with nature: a walk in the green space; watching the rosy sky,

– The sound therapy – mantra YAM,

– The color therapy: green and baby pink,

– The gemstone therapy: rose quartz, green jade, aventurine, green calcite, tourmaline,

– The aromatherapy: rose oil, lemon balm, bergamot.

– Yoga: Bhakti-Yoga.

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