The Sacral Chakra (Sexual Chakra)

The Sacral chakra & Chakra Therapy

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The second chakra in Sanskrit – Svadhisthana, the Sacral Chakra is sometimes named the Spleen or the Splenic chakra. It is located just above the pubic bone. The narrow end of the chakra touches the center of the pubic bone. The Hindu symbol of this chakra is the lotus with six petals with a white circle in the middle. It emanates with orange color. It stimulates the work of gonads – male and female glands.  It control and energizes the bladder and the sex organs.

Reiki Healers, Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra leads us from the basic existence to what makes worth living. Sometimes it is named as sexual chakra, as it involves our sexuality, the libido, the acceptance of self as a sexual being. It is also associated with passion and creativity, as well as all the joy and positive feelings. This is the chakra of delight in the world. If it works harmoniously, we have a passion for life, we are able to enjoy our lives as children, and we are very creative. The Sacral chakra is also responsible for the feelings of a romance, partnerships, energy of a flirt, and the “chemistry” between people. It is related to the undisturbed flow of emotions and the expression of feelings. Our actions are motivated by the sacral chakra in age of eight to fourteen. This is the period when our imagination develops. As the new body awareness develops, the sensuality appears in relationships. Our interpersonal relationships, especially those against the other sex, are definitely influenced by the sacral chakra. A variety of erotic games are also the area of its influence, like the experience of unity in a harmonious sexual act.

Harmonious function for The Sacral Chakra:

It manifests itself as the natural flow of life and feelings. A person is open and natural against the people of the opposite sex. Sexual unity with the loved one becomes a possibility for union in the cosmic dance of male and female energy of creation. Entire opening of the second center takes place when you accept your own sexuality, love yourself and accept death and face the process of passing.

Inharmonious function:

The Sacral Chakra is often a blocked, because once we could not express our feelings freely when we heard: “This was not proper to do”, “You have to be a good girl/boy”, “Girls should play with dolls, and not to walk on the trees.” All of these orders and prohibitions directly affect our sexuality, our body acceptance, our true nature; they block our spontaneity and joy. Disharmony of the Sacral Chakra can be a result of an early childhood lack of sensitivity and physical closeness, which in turn may lead to sexuality rejection, excessive sexual fantasizing or suppressed sexuality. In interpersonal relations a person may experience uncertainty and tension of the opposite sex.

Hypo-function of The Sacral Chakra:

When this chakra’s vortexes are spinning too fast, the strong sexual needs may appear. A person is preoccupied with the sexual sphere and perceives many situations through the sexual pleasure. He or she may even be sex addicted. The cause often lies in the inability to convey and process the energy into the creativity, the spirituality and the long-lasting, deep relationships. Hypofunction of the Sacral Chakra is probably formed in our childhood, due to the lack of sensory stimulation of touch, stroking, affection, which should be a given to a child by the loving parents. During adolescence rising sexual energies are being blocked what leads to sexual frigidity. Life seems be gloomy and unattractive. The Sacral Chakra blockages also cause difficulties in male-female relations and affect self-esteem. These blockages may cause disorders in women and men sexual systems, impotence, and prostate disorders. few of reiki sessions in some cases able to stabilize the flew of universal energy through this Chakra

Methods of Chakra therapy for the Sacral Chakra:

–  Reiki healing energy through reiki healers or self reiki

– communing with nature (walks in the moonlight-especially in the full moon, contact with water reservoirs)

– The sound therapy

– The color therapy (orange, warm golden)

– The gem stone therapy (moonstone, carnelian)

– Aromatherapy ( sandal)

– Yoga (yoga-tantra).

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