Animals Reiki & Reiki healers

Animals Reiki & Reiki healers

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Animals, like humans, are beings of energy. They are open to receiving and processing. Since anatomically they are built like a man, Reiki Healers can heal them with Reiki as we do it with ourselves and our patients – by applying hands on the sick or weak body.

There are many reports confirming the need of treating animals with Reiki. Personally, I experience the daily presence of my cat and dog during the Reiki treatment, which I make to myself. Both pets lie down next to me or they jump on my laps. When I begin the daily treatment, my dogie-girl comes to me from the remotest areas of our home. In those moments, just being around the Healing energy gives them great pleasure.

Reiki Healers when applying Reiki to the affected area, animals calm down and are able to undergo the treatment with great patience and trust. It seems as if they bathe in the warmth of the hands which provide them with the universal life energy. We can say that they get attracted to people from whose hands Reiki healing energy flows.

Animals Reiki can be used preventive, stimulating their harmonious growth and strengthen their systems. Reiki ease their suffering and fasten the healing process in case of illness. Reiki is directing itself to those areas of their bodies which need special attention.
In the case of restless and hyperactive animals (as such exist), Reiki Healer must provide Reiki from the distance, avoiding direct contact with an animal which can be danger for us. Regardless the treatments let us not forget to visit a vet, in case of serious ailments.

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