How does Reiki work?

How Does Reiki Work

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Reiki is the energy of love, the natural healing energy power that works for the highest good of a person. It can not harm, it can only help. As we all vibrate at different frequencies, dictated by the spirit and different life experience the Reiki healing effects are experienced in various ways. Therefore, during the treatment, one may feel deep relaxation or drowsiness whilst other may experience the emotions of sadness or frustration and cry. The energy releases and unblocks suppressed emotions; therefore people experience variety of feelings.
After the hands are placed over the certain body area, treated person feels the gentle flow of energy, which may manifest itself as heat, cold, tingling, chills and others. There may appear some color images, or visions drawn from the subconscious. The known and proven fact is that Reiki does not and can not harm; it reaches those places of the body, which require energetic balance. Reiki treats the causes of all kinds of dis-eases. Dissolving negative energies concentrated in the energy blockages, Reiki, rather than affecting only the level of symptoms, reaches the core level of the causes of a dis-ease.
Reiki does it by energizing the place in the body or the organ before the imbalanced energy will affect ones body.
Reiki has as well a cleansing effect on our bodies. This is a very important support in the era of poisoned food and air, contaminated water and chemicals. Reiki offers pure peace in the life of constant stress. In the unbalanced body, Reiki harmonizes the vital energy flow through the channels and energy centers, removes the blockages, and as a result the immune system is enhanced.
Summarizing, Reiki treatment supports the natural self-healing process, revitalizes the body and mind, releases suppressed feelings, awakes creativity, brings spiritual harmony and mental wellness, and strengthens ones life force. Acting on all levels physical, spiritual, emotional and mental, Reiki balances energetic system of the and by dissolving the blockages; it enhances peaceful state of the mind and the body. Reiki removes stress and the cause of a dis-ease and cleanses the body. Reiki adapts to the individual needs of each being, it is effective even for animals and plants. Reiki flows in a quantity required by the recipient.
We have to remember that Reiki is a tune up into the vibration of the Spiritual Light and Love Energy, which is a kind of gift from the God, the Universal Intelligence, and the Highest Existence. It balances the body at all levels of its existence and by relieving all kinds of discomfort, Reiki embraces self-esteem and teaches love and acceptance of self and others.

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