The Root Chakra

The Root Chakra & Chakra therapy

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Chakras are the whirling energy centers of different size (the large, the medium and the small ones) that control and energize the most important parts of the physical body (visible body). They function as the organs receiving the energy form the surrounding, universal field of life energy. There are seven major chakras located along the spine.

The first chakra (in Sanskrit – Muladhara

Chakra), the Base Chakra, the Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine, and it touches the thin end of the sacrococcygeal joint.
It is being described as a circle with four petals, which symbolize the nerve ganglion arising from the four major nerve endings. In a man’s body they are related to the male organs: prostate, bladder and anus in woman’s body: vagina, fallopian tubes, uterus, and cervix. This chakra creates a foundation for life and is the source of vital forces for the remaining chakras. It is responsible for our will of living and provides the body with the vital sources.
The petals’ color is described as vermilion with crimson shade.
The first chakra is the motivator of life of children in the age between one and seven years old. In that age a child is selfish and preoccupied with his or her physical survival and existence. This chakra works as magnetic tape that records and stores our earliest experiences and memories. There are saved fulfilled and unfulfilled needs of a small child.
This chakra controls, energizes and strengthens the physical body, especially the muscular and the bone systems (including the spine). It stimulates hematogenic process and is responsible for blood count, affects work of the endocrine glands, controls and energizes body tissues and internal organs. It stimulates the work of sex organs and it is responsible for maintaining the body temperature.
Similarly to the heart in a physical body, the root chakra is the circulatory center of the subtle energies in the energetic body. The root chakra anchors collective unconsciousness from which the collective wisdom is released. Achieving the state of internal harmony requires balancing the first and the seventh chakras.
People with well functioning root chakra are of the great vitality and good health.

Harmonious-balanced function of the root chakra
People with an open and harmoniously functioning root chakra have a strong will of living and experience a deep personal relationship with the Earth and its beings. They are well grounded, have self-trust and self-confidence, and being full of internal strength, they draw the satisfaction and stability from their lives. These people are self-controlled with high physical energy and good health. They live their lives on Earth with full trust, accepting with gratitude all that is given to them form the Earth.

Disharmonious function of the root chakra
Infirmities of the root chakra will cause the need in emotional support; people’s self-esteem is quite low and tendency to auto destructive behaviors may appear. Their activities are primarily directed to meet their own needs. For those with the root chakra dysfunctions it is fairly hard to offer to or receive from others. Their thoughts are mainly directed towards the material possessions and security.

Hypo function of the root chakra
With blocked, clotted or closed root chakra mental and physical resistance are very weak. These conditions are accompanied by the feeling of lack of a ground under the feet, lack of self-esteem and stability, and appearance of many problems in life. There is a strong longing for life which would be easier, more enjoyable and less demanding.

Concluding, the base chakra acts as a root of a tree. When the root of the tree is weak the tree will also be weak.

Methods of Chakra therapy to the Root chakra:
– Reiki healing energy through reiki healers or self reiki

– Staying outdoors, with nature (ex.: observing red sunrises or sunsets)

– The sound therapy (mantra: LAM)

– The color therapy (bright shiny red color)

– The gem stones therapy (agate, hematite, red jasper, garnet, red coral, ruby)

– The aromatherapy (cedar, clove)

– Types of yoga activating and balancing the root chakra (Hatha-Yoga, Kundalini-Yoga).

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