The Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra & Chakra Therapy

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The sixth chakra, due to its location – slightly above the middle point between the eyebrows, is called the Third Eye Chakra. Its Sanskrit name is Ajna, what is translated as “to know”, “to see”. It radiates indigo, a deep blue and camphoric white color. Its symbol is the two-petal lotus flower, inside which there is a circle. Inside the circle there is a triangle pointing downwards. The third eye is a source of knowledge which has no rational, logical, predictable basis. It is associated with

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memory, will, higher states of consciousness, and super powers of the mind. At the physical level the sixth chakra is responsible for the central nervous system by controlling the activity of pituitary gland and stimulating the brain. It also has an influence on the eyes and nose functions.

Harmonious functioning of the Third Eye Chakra:
Harmonious functioning of this chakra gives a person deep awareness of his or her thoughts; he or she is in a need for observing the thoughts and their flow, a need for internal insight. Smoothly functioning third eye chakra builds up psychic abilities – telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and energy perception. A man can explore different dimensions of reality similar to those experienced during meditation. Opening of the third eye gives us the possibility of intuitive approach to reality and existence in unchangeable, cosmic consciousness. All duality ceases. Balanced third eye chakra becomes the center of wisdom and inner guidance. It supports manifestation of dreams realm in the real world and accomplishment of ones visions.

Disharmonious functioning of the Third Eye Chakra:
Disharmony of this chakra appears with people who live fast, focusing on external and rational matters; they experience a feeling of “a heavy head”. The result of disharmony may be a life primarily based on the intellect and reasoning. In this state of mind one acts upon the rules gained from rational thinking, lacking overall perception of the Higher Order. A man rejects the spiritual knowledge as irrational, untrue, and scientifically unproven one.

The third eye chakra hypofunctioning causes problems with creative thinking. Suppressing intuition, we perceive the world from a rational perspective only. We create a false impression of reality. We live just outside and our life is mainly limited to material goods and physical needs; we lack deeper insight into our lives. Our perception is limited to common beliefs and ideas spread by throngs. In traumatic situations, a person with blocked sixth chakra loses concentration and temper quickly. There may appear problems with vision, what suggests that the time to look inwards has come.

Methods for Third Eye Chakra therapy:
– Reiki healing energy through Reiki Healers or self Reiki.
– Contact with nature: observing the dark sky with the stars.
– Sound therapy: mantra Ksham.
– Gem stone therapy: calcite, sapphire, lapis – lazuli, amethyst, fluorite, sodality.
– Aromatherapy: hyacinth, violet, mint, geranium, jasmine.

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